Dallas Cowboys Games

Game Over, Man. Game Over. Dallas Loses 24-22.


The Cowboys had a shot at the playoffs, but watched the Eagles leave with the victory and their ticket to the dance.

Cowboys: Dallas' Best Soap Opera Since Dallas


We're not talking about who shot JR here. If you are looking for late season drama, the Dallas Cowboys are must-watch material.

Cowboys Still Jason Garrett's Team


No matter how you look at the win in Washington, one thing is clear: The Cowboys kept fighting to the end. The head coach still has this team, and will likely keep his job another year.

They Pulled It Off! Dallas Comes Back, 24-23


The Cowboys were down 9 in the fourth quarter, but somehow figured out how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Jerry Jones, Face Of The Cowboys


The Cowboys are in turmoil again. And as always, the owner and general manager of the team has planted himself in the middle of things. That may not be as bad a thing as you might think.

Who Should Get The Ax In Dallas?


There comes a time when you have to face certain things. Whoever called the offensive plays for Dallas against Green Bay continually and repeatedly made stupid calls and deserves to lose their job....

Dallas Passes Up Opportunity, Embarassed 37-36


The Cowboys passed at every opportunity, including the one to put away the Packers.

Lack Of Talent Killing Dallas Defense


While many are calling for defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin's head following yet another monument to incompetence put up by his defense, it might be worth considering that this bunch of players...

Can Aaron Rodgers Play Against Cowboys This Week?


Dallas could use some help in salvaging their season. It looks like the injury to the Packers' quarterback may be a case of his bad luck turning into good luck for the Cowboys.

Why The Cowboys May Win Out


It may be hard to believe after the Bears blew out the Cowboys, but several season-long trends give Dallas a good chance to win out the regular season and make the playoffs.


Three Game Changing Moments From The Cowboys' Win


Every NFL game has crucial points that can greatly impact the outcome. Here are three that were major factors in Dallas' win over Oakland.

Dallas Shows Resilience In Win Over Oakland


It started off bad, but the Cowboys came back for a much needed win. And that is not something that has always happened with this team.

Can Cowboys Defense Stop Raiders' Ground Game?


The Cowboys gave up over 200 rushing yards their last game, which would seem to be a problem with the potent Raiders ground game coming to town. But the Giants game also showed that Dallas can...

Parity Reigns In NFL - To Cowboys' Advantage


The Dallas Cowboys are barely above .500 going into the Thanksgiving game against the Oakland Raiders. But that actually is a pretty good place to be.

Arrow Points Up For Dallas After Dropping Giants


It is simple. Dallas' hopes in 2013 are still alive, and may be pretty healthy. The Giants are now all but dead in the playoff hunt.

Cowboys Looking To Finish Strong


The bye week is an opportunity for the Cowboys to get their season back on track. If they can.

Should Jason Garrett Take Back The Play Sheet?


With the season teetering on the edge of another failure, there is a train of thought that Jason Garrett needs to reclaim the job of calling the offense - and it is picking up a head of steam. But...

Coaching Shakeup Coming For Cowboys?


The Cowboys got embarrassed on national television. Immediately, calls began for a general housecleaning on the coaching staff. With a couple of days gone by, it's time to stop and look at the...

Is Tony Romo The Problem For Dallas?


There are many topics to address concerning the state of the Dallas Cowboys, but one of the most alarming may be the sudden drop-off in production for their franchise quarterback.

Well That Escalated Quickly. Cowboys Fall 49-17


Dallas went to The Bayou with a slim NFC East lead and a bye week looming. Time to regroup.

Saints Game May Be Opportunity For Cowboys


For a change, Dallas is facing a game that is not seen as a must-win. Without the pressure, could the team recover a bit of its mojo?

Cowboys News And Notes For Saints Game


Tony Dorsett, one of the all time greats in Cowboys history, may be a victim of head trauma from his career.

Cowboys Just Good Enough Against Vikings


It was not at all the kind of game we expected. And yet, it was typical in so many ways. Once again, we can only wonder how Dallas is going to play the rest of the season.

Cowboys Escape Their Own Shadow, Win 27-23

A wins a win, but few will be pleased with the aesthetics from the majority of the Cowboys nail-biter victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

The Wearying Effort Of Being A Cowboys Fan


If it seems like Dallas is always playing a game that is crucial to their season, well, the Cowboys pretty much are, every single week. After a while, it starts to wear you down.

Cowboys Will Promote Another Practice Squadder


Micah Pellerin will be the fourth player to take the step from practice squad to suiting up for Dallas in the 2013 season

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