Dallas Cowboys General

Cowboys Pick Up Tyron Smith's Option

Dallas made sure their emerging star left tackle will be with the team through 2015.

Can Cowboys Get More From Escobar in 2014?

Gavin Escobar was the biggest point of controversy in Dallas' 2013 draft. It is time for Dallas to start using their second round pick for something more than filling a space on the bench.

Gil Brandt's "Cowboys Blueprint" - A Little Late?

The man who deserves a huge amount of credit for building the original Cowboys into the NFL power they became offers his suggestions on how to fix the team. So why do these sound an awful lot like things the team is trying to do already?

Cowboys 2013 Injuries, Statistically Speaking

A look at the impact of injuries on Dallas in 2013, and why statistical measures don't always tell the whole story.

Jason Garrett: Not Rattled At All

According to one view, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has been on the hot seat since the minute he became the interim head coach in 2010. So why does he appear to have things going exactly the way he wants as he enters the last year of his contact?

The Woman Who May Run The Cowboys

Stephen Jones' star is ascending with the Dallas Cowboys, but he is not the only child of Jerry Jones who has a major role to play in the team's future.

Who Is Mismanaging The NFL Salary Floor?

Step through the looking glass for a completely different definition of who has salary problems in the NFL.

Jerry Jones Having It Both Ways

Jerry Jones considers Jason Garrett his coach of the future, until he isn't. No contract just means the future isn't always clear.

Josh Brent: Will He Attempt Cowboys Comeback?

While Dallas is looking for who they want to draft, there may also be some help for their defensive line coming from another direction.

How Michael Sam Will Help The NFL

The last major barrier has fallen in the NFL. However you feel about it, it has changed the league. Here's why I think the change is for the better.


How Dysfunctional Are The Cowboys?

Everyone knows that the Cowboys are a highly confused and badly run organization, right? Or is that perception just a sense of frustration over a lack of making the playoffs?

Linehan Has The Tools To Build An Offense

There are a lot of questions about how things are going to work out for Dallas in 2014, but the offensive starters are set and put the Cowboys in the best shape they have been in for years.

Should The NFL Kill The Extra Point?

It seems like a major change to the game. But would it really have much effect?

Dallas' Hatcher, Bailey Make "All Value" Team

Fans of Dallas know that Jason Hatcher and Dan Bailey are good players. Turns out they are also great values due to their low salary - but that is going to change.

Why Dallas Won't Draft D Line With First Pick

The theory is that the Cowboys have to draft for the defensive line in the first round. The reality is that there are a lot of reasons why it is not likely to happen.

East-West Shrine Players Cowboys Should Watch

The first major event of the NFL draft season is coming this weekend. The East-West Shrine Game is made up of players not invited to the Senior Bowl, but there is a lot of talent with these "second-stringers". Here is a look at some names.

Why Will McClay Is Important To The Cowboys

The coaches may not be changing, but the promotion of Will McClay and other changes on the personnel side of the staff may have long lasting effects on the Cowboys.

Would Another Dallas-San Francisco Trade Work?

Last year, the Cowboys traded away the 18th pick to the 49ers for the 31st and 74th selections - and netted arguably their two best players of the draft with those picks. And they might be able to do a very similar deal this year. Should they?

Marinelli key for Cowboys' Plans

Compared to much of the rest of the NFL, things have been almost suspiciously quiet around Dallas. What little drama has been reported so far seems to be much ado about almost nothing, especially concerning rumors about Rod Marinelli leaving.

Is Jason Garrett Really A Lame Duck?

There is a new meme about the Dallas Cowboys. But how accurate is it?

The Cowboys' Desperate Need For Defensive Linemen

You know the Cowboys have problems with the defensive line. Do you know how bad they really are? (Spoiler alert: Really bad!)

What Price Would Ship Marinelli Out Of Dallas?

The reports have been conflicting about the future of the Dallas Cowboys' defensive line coach. We can't know what is really going on, but we can certainly speculate.

Jerry Jones Stands By His Head Coach

With multiple head coaching changes going on in the NFL, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys is standing behind his man. It may say more about the trust between the two than the success, or lack of it, under Garrett.

Dallas Players Shouldering The Blame

There seems to be a consensus between the front office and the players: The Dallas Cowboys have to play a lot better.

The Heart Of Jerry Jones

He's hated, mocked, and ridiculed. His often discombobulated pronouncements often create problems for his own team. But the owner of the Dallas Cowboys may have a heart as big as his stadium.

Cowboys Giving Players Time, Reaping Benefits

Dallas is paying a lot of money to players that are unable to contribute this season. Sometimes that can turn into an investment for the future.

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