Dallas Cowboys General

The Real Jerry Jones


Forget the attention grabbing headlines. The recent ESPN piece on the owner of the Cowboys is an excellently written look at a man who is not the cartoonish character the media tries to portray.

Jason Garrett: Bad, Or Just In A Bad Situation?


A recent ESPN poll ranked the Cowboys' head coach 30th out of 32. Is he truly that bad, or is this just another case of anti-Dallas sentiment?

Why Jerry Jones' Wealth Is Good For Jason Garrett


Take a look at the nexus of owner, GM, and head coach; all plying their trade for the most valuable NFL and United States sports franchise, the Dallas Cowboys.

Why The Cowboys Agree With Lovie Smith On The 4-3


Rod Marinelli's former head coach lays out why he is so committed to the 4-3, and sheds some light on why Dallas may have made the switch from the 3-4.

Ask BTB: How Do The Cowboys Stay America's Team?


The Cowboys have been mired in mediocrity for almost two decades now, especially the last three years, yet they continue to be the most popular (and the most hated) team in the NFL. How exactly...

Cowboys Most Under- and Over-rated Players


Everybody has an opinion, or so the saying goes. Here is one take on which Dallas players take too much and not enough heat for their play.

The Plan Behind The Latest Cowboys Signing


How does the signing of a veteran offensive guard to bolster depth project into the current state of the team? We take a look and reveal the answer.

Dissecting The Cowboys' Youth Movement


The Cowboys have spent the years under head coach Jason Garrett getting younger. Here is why, and how it fits into the overall plan Garrett has for the team.

What Would The Cowboys Be Worth?


The sale price for the Los Angeles Clippers was tremendously inflated, but it is kinda fun to apply the same inflation to the most valuable franchise in the NFL.

A Draft Expert Regraded The 2011 NFL Draft


Dane Brugler goes back and comes up with a draft grade that actually means something.


What Has Garrett Done For The Cowboys?


After three consecutive 8-8 seasons, the Cowboys' head coach is generally considered to be coaching for his job in 2014. Is the .500 record the true measure of his value to the franchise?

Cowboys Pick Up Tyron Smith's Option


Dallas made sure their emerging star left tackle will be with the team through 2015.

Can Cowboys Get More From Escobar in 2014?


Gavin Escobar was the biggest point of controversy in Dallas' 2013 draft. It is time for Dallas to start using their second round pick for something more than filling a space on the bench.

Gil Brandt's "Cowboys Blueprint" - A Little Late?


The man who deserves a huge amount of credit for building the original Cowboys into the NFL power they became offers his suggestions on how to fix the team. So why do these sound an awful lot like...

Cowboys 2013 Injuries, Statistically Speaking


A look at the impact of injuries on Dallas in 2013, and why statistical measures don't always tell the whole story.

Jason Garrett: Not Rattled At All


According to one view, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has been on the hot seat since the minute he became the interim head coach in 2010. So why does he appear to have things going exactly the...

The Woman Who May Run The Cowboys


Stephen Jones' star is ascending with the Dallas Cowboys, but he is not the only child of Jerry Jones who has a major role to play in the team's future.

Who Is Mismanaging The NFL Salary Floor?


Step through the looking glass for a completely different definition of who has salary problems in the NFL.

Jerry Jones Having It Both Ways


Jerry Jones considers Jason Garrett his coach of the future, until he isn't. No contract just means the future isn't always clear.

Josh Brent: Will He Attempt Cowboys Comeback?


While Dallas is looking for who they want to draft, there may also be some help for their defensive line coming from another direction.

How Michael Sam Will Help The NFL


The last major barrier has fallen in the NFL. However you feel about it, it has changed the league. Here's why I think the change is for the better.

How Dysfunctional Are The Cowboys?


Everyone knows that the Cowboys are a highly confused and badly run organization, right? Or is that perception just a sense of frustration over a lack of making the playoffs?

Linehan Has The Tools To Build An Offense


There are a lot of questions about how things are going to work out for Dallas in 2014, but the offensive starters are set and put the Cowboys in the best shape they have been in for years.

Should The NFL Kill The Extra Point?


It seems like a major change to the game. But would it really have much effect?

Dallas' Hatcher, Bailey Make "All Value" Team


Fans of Dallas know that Jason Hatcher and Dan Bailey are good players. Turns out they are also great values due to their low salary - but that is going to change.

Why Dallas Won't Draft D Line With First Pick


The theory is that the Cowboys have to draft for the defensive line in the first round. The reality is that there are a lot of reasons why it is not likely to happen.

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