Dallas Cowboys Interviews

Emmitt To BTB: "Know When The Journey Is Over"


The most decorated running back in NFL history shares more insights to his NFL life. We look at his combine experience coming into the league and much more.

BTB Exclusive: Roger Staubach Interview


Some people are simply blessed. Some people have to fight for everything they want. For a select few, duality is the best way to describe their march to becoming real-life heroes.

BTB Exclusive: Emmitt Smith Talks Cowboys Run Game


We had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith and the first thing we wanted to know was his take on the Cowboys run game. Here's what he had to say about it, and the...


[VIDEO] Gavin Escobar Sits Down With SB Nation

Cowboys rookie Gavin Escobar gives his thoughts on a variety of topics, including why he'll look forward to facing the Giants the most.

Brandon Magee Interview, Part II


We continue with the second and final part of our interview with Cowboys UDFA LB Brandon Magee.

BTB Interviews LB Brandon Magee, Priority UDFA


Not everyone is a star to start off... we catch up with UDFA LB Brandon Magee and see if he has what it takes to shine in Big D.

Dallas Cowboys 2012: Going Deeper With Football Outsiders (Part I)


We talk to Football Outsiders about their recent 2012 Almanac and how it relates to the Cowboys. Dallas fans are hyped-up about the Cowboy chances this year, but are the Football Outsiders on board?

Former Cowboy Everson Walls Interviews Morris Claiborne


Former Cowboy great Everson Walls interviewed Morris Claiborne recently. Here is the video of that interview.

Cowboys' Lawrence Vickers On Ben & Skin


Lawrence Vickers of the Dallas Cowboys sat down for a radio interview. If you don't have time to listen, here is a recap you are likely to enjoy.

DeMarcus Ware Talks Cowboys And The Draft; Likes Ingram And Branch


We take a look at recent DeMarcus Ware quotes on the state of the Cowboys, his draft experience and players he likes in next week's draft.


Jason Garrett Speaks On Two Tight End Sets


Jason Garrett sheds some light on the importance of the two tight end set.

Describing DeMarcus Ware: "Oh My God This Dude Is A Beast"


Chris Cooley describes DeMarcus Ware the only way that he knows how, with pure awe and respect.

BTB Interview: With Jay Ratliff, And Jason Garrett, It's All Business


We interview nose tackle Jay Ratliff to get the lowdown on his role, on Rob Ryan's defense, Tony Romo's ribs and head coach Jason Garrett's philosophy.

Waiting In The Wings: Cowboys LB Victor Butler Gives An Exclusive Interview To BTB


We sit down at length with Cowboys linebacker Victor Butler as the team prepares to suit up against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. What's it like for a player waiting in the wings?

Cowboys 2011 Season: Q&A With Football Outsiders


A Q&A with Football Outsiders delving into all topics Dallas Cowboys. See want they say about the Cowboys chances this year.

Q&A With Dan Graziano, ESPN's NFC East Blogger


Recently the NFC East blog at ESPN has been taken over by Dan Graziano. We've been noticing that he's been linking to some of our stories here at BTB, as well as some other blogs around the...

Sean Lee Interview: Speaking With The Dallas Cowboys Linebacker At The 2011 Super Bowl (Part 2)


Part 2 of our interview with Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee. He discusses how Jason Garrett restored confidence to the team, and what he expects from Rob Ryan's defense.

Sean Lee Interview: Speaking With The Dallas Cowboys Linebacker At The 2011 Super Bowl (Part 1)


Sean Lee, Dallas Cowboys linebacker, was good enough to speak with us about his rookie season, and what he sees coming up in 2011 in a two-part interview.

Randy White Interview: Speaking With The Cowboys Legend At The 2011 Super Bowl (Part II)


Part 2 of our interview with Dallas Cowboys legend Randy White, we talk the current Cowboys and new coaches.

Randy White Interview: Speaking With The Cowboys Legend At The 2011 Super Bowl (Part I)


An interview with Dallas Cowboys legend Randy White, discussing his Cowboys days, and the current edition of the team.

Buddy Ryan Discusses His Son Rob, And The Cowboys


Buddy Ryan discusses his son Rob's coaching style and schemes, along with his feelings for the Dallas Cowboys.

Catching Up With Wade Phillips


Even though the Cowboys have moved on from Wade Phillips, we can't help but wonder how different the 2010 season would have been if Jason Garret had been in charge.

BTB Interview: Cowboys Legend Tony Dorsett - "I Think Jason Garrett Will Be The Cowboys Next Head Coach"


In wide-ranging interview, Dallas Cowboys legend Tony Dorsett discussed his thoughts on Jason Garrett, the Redskins rivalry, and the running back-by-committee phenomenon.

BTB Interview (Part II): Coach Jimmy Johnson on Romo "I Would Lean More On The Side Of Not Playing Him This Year"


In Part II of our chat with coach Jimmy Johnson, we get his thoughts on Tony Romo returning to the lineup this year, among other Cowboys subjects.

BTB Interview (Part I): Coach Jimmy Johnson Says Discipline The Key To Jason Garrett's Success


We had an opportunity to speak to legendary coach Jimmy Jonson, and he gave us his opinion on how Jason Garrett has turned things around for the Cowboys, and whether he can keep the job.

BTB Interviews Football Outsiders On The State Of The Cowboys


Football Outsiders' Bill Barnwell answers questions on the state of the franchise, what changed from last year and what a turnaround might look like.

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