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South Oklahoma Sings!


Have you've ever wondered what it would be like to get a bunch of current and former Cowboys, a couple other Dallas-area athletes, and Nolan Ryan together for a rendition of a Faith Hill song? If so, well wonder no more! /auditorture (h/t ~Jay)

Why Crayton, Why?


It shouldn't be said, especially not by PC (ironic initials). Finally he had fans back in his corner, then immediately undoes it all by shooting his mouth off.

The VRR: The Cowboys Need Marion Barber to Be Mr.Reliable


Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber never lost a fumble until the 2008 season. They need a healthy Barber and a healthy offensive line to achieve the success they had that helped them reach...

Stephen Hodge is Tackling the Linebacking Learning Curve


The Dallas Cowboys drafted Stephen Hodge out of TCU with the hopes of him becoming a solid special teams contributor while he transitions from a college safety to a pro inside linebacker.

The VRR: The Dallas Offense Rushes to the Top; Michael Irvin Files Counterclaim


The Dallas Cowboys' talented trio of running backs, Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice, could be the deepest talent at their position in the NFL. Tony Romo is inducted into the E....

The VRR: Mike Jenkins and Patrick Crayton Could Be Surprise Players in '09


Mike Jenkins and Patrick Crayton are projected to be surprise players for the Dallas Cowboys in 2009. Marion Barber makes a child's wish come true, and Troy Aikman throws out the first pitch at a...

Talking a Little Cowboys @ Buccaneers


The Dallas Cowboys are favored by three points over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on NFL Kickoff weekend.

Dallas Writer Wonders Who's Better: Romo or Brees?


He decides there isn't a clear cut answer. And the number of Dallas fans in the comments that are willing to believe Romo is better than Brees, while not surprising, is still mind-boggling.

The Valley Ranch Review: Gerald Sensabaugh's Versatility; Troy Aikman Earns Bachelor's Degree


Gerald Sensabaugh lends versatility to the secondary of the Dallas Cowboys. Troy Aikman graduates from UCLA with a degree in sociology.

The Valley Ranch Review: DeMarcus Ware's Value; Cowboys Change Their Offseason Philosophy


DeMarcus Ware has a ton of value both on and off the field. The Dallas Cowboys have changed their offseason philosophy, which Pat Kirwan at NFL.com thinks is a good thing.

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