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Tyron Smith had a Larry Allen moment vs. the Giants


Tyron Smith had a tackle that was very much like the one Larry Allen had as a rookie against the Saints in 1994. Both Cowboys offensive linemen saved a pick six by an opposing linebacker. The Cowboys defense followed by holding the Saints to a FG just like the 2012 version did against the Giants. The 1994 'Boys won the game 24-16, while the 2012 team beat their foes 24-17. Smith and Allen are the same age at the time of their run down tackles.

DeMarcus Ware: The Ultimate Quarterback Killer


Check out the GQ article for September 2012. I absolutely had no idea that he had a cool relationship with a certain old school NFL Hall of Famer. Check it out.

Barking Carnival's NFL Mock Draft- Cowboys Pick...


nobis60 says the Cowboys take Dre Kirkpatrick. Jerry’s eternal optimism, while no doubt a handy trait for an oil and gas wildcatter, has been sheer death for the Cowboys in the post-Jimmy era. He consistently overestimates the upside and underestimates the downside of every player that catches his fancy, and assumes that any questionable roster situations will fall out for the best.

Ride the Romo-coaster


Pretty humorous look at what Romo has put us through this season. Regardless, we keep getting back on because the ride is so thrilling!



Article on the Dallas Cowboys position battles & roster cuts.

Five Moves to Expect Soon After the Lockout Ends.....Dallas Cowboys Sign Nnamdi Asomugha


Dallas Cowboys sign Nnamdi Asomugha: Asomugha could go on a LeBron James-like tour of the NFL, but he won't have a lot of time to weigh his options. Of all the teams with a need at cornerback, the Asomugha race could come down to the Cowboys and Texans. No one needs help in the secondary more than Houston, but if all things are equal, Jerry Jones could woo Asomugha with all the extras that come with being a Cowboy. There's a lot more glamour in Dallas than in Houston, and the Cowboys defense could be very good under new coordinator Rob Ryan. Some of the other teams reportedly interested in Asomugha could be scared off by his price tag. Teams like the Jets and Ravens are already spending a lot of money at cornerback. The Patriots could certainly use Asomugha, but they don't pay a lot for that position. The Lions also have to covet Asomugha, but he may not be convinced Detroit is ready to become a playoff team.

Cowboys Receive Compensatory Pick


The Cowboys have received an extra seventh round pick.

Dez Bryant banned from mall


Lol his friend's pants were too low. This non-story will probably be blown up by ESPN.

NFL Football Team Owners New Year's Resolutions


As we all make out New Year's Resolution on New Year's Eve, there are 12 NFL Football Team Owners (especially Jerry Jones) should make for the NFL Football 2011 season. Resolution #3 is for the Cowboys.

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