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Blogging the bEast ranks the OT's in the East


I finally went to JimmyK's new site, Blogging the bEast, and it has made it into my bookmarks. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. Especially interesting is his take on the best offensive tackles in the NFC East.

Cowboys waiting for Super Bowl to make a move?


The Cowboys' search for a defensive coordinator has been slow and quiet.


Here's what I think would be great for our playoff hopes:

Obviously, the best case is if the Cowboys win out.   The next simplest route is an ATL loss this weekend, which means that if we beat NYG and Philly, we are in.  If Dallas beats those 2 teams and...


Beast of the East

Ok, this has already been discussed a bit, but with the resurgent 'Skins looking like a force, it is time to ask whether or not the NFC East of '08 is the best division in the history of football....

Cowboys random notes


I’m working on a film review that I hope to have up later tonight. In the meantime, here’s some other stuff. My boy Chris over at Inside the Huddle wanted me to remind you guys that the season...

One with Dunn: Why we'd be lucky to have him


Who is Warrick Dunn? And why should we want him?He’s a 5 ft. 9, 180 pound ball of determination. He’s a 33-year-old warrior. A staple of those early Tampa Bay, grind-it-out, play-good-D teams. He...


Asante Samuel

Looks like the Eagles have signed the former New England Cheatriot. The article says 6 years, i heard it was supposed to be around 60 million, quite a big price tag for the man that could have won...


My thoughts on the game

There really is a deep satisfaction that comes from dominating the Eagles. My father and others from the older generation have a special hatred towards the Redskins, but I think my generation...


Am I Really a Fake Fan

Some Bleed Green boy thinks so - http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/s...I feel like I can call him boy, as that's about the age level his blog posts seem to be aiming for.I really can't grasp where...


Which Cowboy on the horse trailer?

I'd love for it to be MBIII crunching through the Iggles' defense, but I have a feeling it's going to be Owens.  Usually, the Eagles try to take TO out of the game, and last year's stats bear...

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