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For Tony Romo, Criticism & Pressure Will End Only With A Super Bowl


Tony Romo will never find his critics silenced until the Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl.


The day has come for Emmitt to rest.

Ok ok ok....I know I have busted on Emmitt Smith in the past for his articulate way of trashing the English language. He's loved by many, and laughed at by many more, but he'll always be our very...


Dallas #1 in ESPN Power Rankings

WOW!!  This is unexpected and surpriding...  if the Cowboys beat Philly on Monday night, we should be in the driver seat... The new kings of the hill are the Dallas Cowboys, who turned in an...

ESPN ranks NFL's best fans: Cowboys #12


12. Cowboys Cowboys fans aren't nearly as rabid as Eagles and Steelers fans, but the Cowboys have more of a worldwide audience. If you stay in the team hotel, you'll see something pretty remarkable. No matter where the Cowboys show up (even Appleton, Wis.), there are at least 30 fans waiting for them in the lobby. Texas Stadium is iconic because of the hole in the roof, but now it's simply a dump. This isn't a fan base that feels a great deal of hatred for certain teams or players. In fact, I think Texas Stadium is one of the safest places in the league to wear an opposing jersey. The most hated player from an opposing team is now lining up at wide receiver for the Cowboys. -- Matt Mosley Mosely also notes in his blog that "NFC East fans scored higher than any other division." The other 3 were all in the top 10.

Mosley @ ESPN - Camp Confidential: Cowboys' Phillips stays cool on hot seat


Matt Mosley at ESPN.com has a good article on the state of the Cowboys' training camp, with some nice insights from the coaches on subjects including Wade's situation, Roy (Stewart: "He looks great, and he's doing exactly what we wanted him to do."), Barber and Jones (BM3 15-18 carries, Felix 12-15 touches with motions to slot/outside), Romo's celebrity and leadership, Spears and Ant position questions, Zach and Pac as early contributors (Zach leads camp tackles by far), and some odd notes of other players. Worth reading.

T.O. is hero at accident after ESPYs


"Terrell Owens was standing over me. I'm told he was the first do-gooder on the scene of the accident. That he helped me to my feet and off the street to safe ground. That he didn't leave my side. It seems the mercurial Dallas Cowboys receiver is my hero."

Is Pacman worth it?


We all know about the criminal history of Adam "Pacman" Jones. In short, he’s an idiot. He’s been arrested numerous times, which to be honest, is less compelling to me than his judgment. He seems...


ESPN Mock Draft

I thought I would post this because it is interesting who at that stage may draft who.


I couldn't have said it better myself

This is an article my cousin showed me after a conversation we had about Keyshawn Johnson dogging T.O.


Bill Parcells 10 (11) Commandments

So I was watching Sportscenter and Stuart Scott with the ugliest suit I have ever seen introduced Parcells.Parcells went on to discuss his commandments for a QB like be conditioned, avoid outside...

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