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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Greg Cosell on the NFC East Draft

Now, it's time to turn our attention to the NFC East. First, we discussed two recent posts by Greg on the must-read NFL Films blog: One on the "winnability" of certain modern quarterbacks, and another on whether the Dallas Cowboys' window has closed (whatever that means). From there, it was a natural progression to talk about what the Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins did in the draft to upgrade their rosters. Greg also reveals some details on a VERY interesting project he's doing with Ron Jaworski.

ESPN NFC East Blog Romo Analysis


Dan Graziano has a good perspective on Romo "Talk that Jason Garrett and the Cowboys don't trust Romo is ridiculous. Watching Romo on Saturday night, you saw a guy who was in complete control of his offense. A guy who was picking among fantastic targets and had the confidence and competence to find the right one. Heck, all three of his touchdown passes came from inside the 10-yard line. You don't keep throwing the ball from the eight and nine if you don't trust your quarterback. Romo's reputation is a tough one to shake, but he's done nothing wrong in the second half of this season. He is not the reason they lost to Arizona and New York in the two games before this one. And as the Cowboys look ahead to their final two games of the season, knowing they win the division if they can win them both, they do so with a great deal of well-deserved confidence in their starting quarterback."

Blogging the bEast ranks the OT's in the East


I finally went to JimmyK's new site, Blogging the bEast, and it has made it into my bookmarks. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should. Especially interesting is his take on the best offensive tackles in the NFC East.

ESPN ranks NFL's best fans: Cowboys #12


12. Cowboys Cowboys fans aren't nearly as rabid as Eagles and Steelers fans, but the Cowboys have more of a worldwide audience. If you stay in the team hotel, you'll see something pretty remarkable. No matter where the Cowboys show up (even Appleton, Wis.), there are at least 30 fans waiting for them in the lobby. Texas Stadium is iconic because of the hole in the roof, but now it's simply a dump. This isn't a fan base that feels a great deal of hatred for certain teams or players. In fact, I think Texas Stadium is one of the safest places in the league to wear an opposing jersey. The most hated player from an opposing team is now lining up at wide receiver for the Cowboys. -- Matt Mosley Mosely also notes in his blog that "NFC East fans scored higher than any other division." The other 3 were all in the top 10.

ESPN Football Today podcast: NFC East


ESPN Football Today podcast with Jeremy Green focused on the NFC East yesterday, with ESPN's NFC East blogger Matt Mosely and Emily Solana (?) as a Cowboys superfan (along with superfans from the other division teams). There's really no great insights into the Cowboys that folks here don't already know, but the other superfans all get into bashing each others' teams which is kinda fun.

Burress won’t practice without a new contract


Plaxico Burress isn’t going to practice with the New York Giants until the Super Bowl champions give him a new contract. Burress reported to the Giants’ mandatory minicamp Wednesday but refused to work out because he wasn’t happy with the way contract negotiations are progressing between the team and agent Drew Rosenhaus.

PFW NFC East off-season breakdown


The PFW 2008 NFL preview mag is out if you need something to read

NFL Total Access: Grading the NFC East Draft


Solomon Wilcots and Adam Schefter give draft grades for all four teams in the NFC East. Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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