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Are You Smarter than Calvin Watkins Results

Back in Late April and Early May, ESPN Dallas writers (And I use that term loosely because he is considered a hack), Calvin Watkins and Todd Archer did a series of posts on players that the Cowboys...

2nd Day Mock Drafts: Demarcus Lawrence To Cowboys?


So you thought yesterday would be the end of all mock drafts? Not so fast.

News: DT Easley "Got Real Good Vibe From Cowboys."


Latest Cowboys headlines: DT Dominique Easley said "Goind to Dallas was really good"; Why mock drafts play catch-up with NFL teams all year; Don't trust anybody on any draft-related matter after...

Dane Brugler Has Bad News For Dallas


A top NFL draft expert has put out his final "big board" for 2014, and it is depressing reading for Cowboys fans.


Mocking A Backup Quarterback

With the news yesterday that Dallas interviewed Johnny Manziel, Jimmy Garopollo, and David Fales at the combine. One would have to imagine that what was once a puff of smoke surrounding Kyle...

Barking Carnival's NFL Mock Draft- Cowboys Pick...


nobis60 says the Cowboys take Dre Kirkpatrick. Jerry’s eternal optimism, while no doubt a handy trait for an oil and gas wildcatter, has been sheer death for the Cowboys in the post-Jimmy era. He consistently overestimates the upside and underestimates the downside of every player that catches his fancy, and assumes that any questionable roster situations will fall out for the best.


It's Getting Drafty Again: 2012 Draft Targets

I enjoy the NFL draft more than I do the Super Bowl. It's true. Many of you will find that shocking. Blasphemous, even.  I can't change it, though. I enjoy the draft more than the Super Bowl. Maybe...


Cowboy Drafts - 10 year Review

Inspired by OCC's Emulation Post this AM, I clicked through to an analysis of Colts drafts by poster JesusNinja13 on Stampede Blue. Applying a few simple metrics, he made quick work of assessing...


Trade Up, Trade Down, or Stand Pat?

There should be one guiding principle that answers this question this year: can the Cowboys find a difference maker at number 9?  We all know the priorities. The cowboys need someone to replace...

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