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Pro Bowl open thread


Well, this really is the end of the NFL season, if you can actually count the NFL Pro Bowl as a game. Still, they will be playing some semblance of football and you can glimpse a few Cowboys...

Dallas Cowboys news & notes (Congrats Jay Ratliff edition)


A look at some of the Cowboys Pro Bowl players and other honors bestowed upon the team this week. Also, it's the final regular-season home game at Texas Stadium and the Cowboys hope to clinch a...


Redskins stuffing Pro Bowl ballot box

From Shutdown Corner:   Stuffing the ballot box: It's as American as apple pie, baseball and defaulting on mortgages. Just ask fans of the Washington Redskins who, thanks to an aggressive...


slightly off topic

I have been meaning to post this for a few weeks but have been swamped.


The more things change................

......the more they stay the same.  So let's recap the Pro Bowl from Cowboys perspective.  Tony Romo threw 2 TD's, but had one pick on a high throw, showed good mobility and improvisational skills...

Jacked up about being stacked up!


Fellas. After scouring the land (actually I just searched on Google, but I digress) and caucusing the townsfolk, I’ve come to one conclusion: we’re stacked like pancakes at IHOP.We’ve got depth at...

NFL Pro Bowl 2008; The Dallas Cowboys’ Final Hurrah


Today, 13 Dallas Cowboys players will take the field in the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, more than any team ever, and yet arguably the most talented team in the NFC was unable to win a playoff game to...

Dallas Cowboys in the Pro Bowl


I usually approach the Pro Bowl in a manner of slight indifference.  I'll DVR the skills competition, even if it's useless I still think it is fun to watch.  If I happen to be home during the game...

Blurbs and tidbits: So Happy Together


The great Turtles song comes to mind when watching T.O. and Tony Romo yuk it up in front of Rich Eisen at the Pro Bowl. You can speculate about Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears, but this is a...


Pro-Bowlers out

I just saw in ESPN that Brady was to be replaced by Browns QB Derek Anderson and that Antonio Gates was to be replaced by Browns TE Kellen Winslow next week in Hawaii. I fully understand Gates'...

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