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World Peace will accept player option

Metta World Peace will accept his player option to say in Los Angeles. He also made a "big announcement" this morning regarding his latest endeavor.

Matt Brady is out producer behind ESPYs, NFL and more

When the NFL Network kicks off its Thursday night games tonight, Sept. 13, the work of at least one openly gay man will be front-and-center. Producer Matt Brady, who has been the brawn behind many...

Moment #61: Terrell Owens implies that his former teammate Jeff Garcia is gay

Owens, left, and Garcia in happier times Part of Outsports’ series on our 100 most important moments in gay sports...

The perfect 2010 NFL fantasy football draft

Roddy White was the perfect No. 1 fantasy pick All through July and August, fantasy football players struggle with the planning of their NFL...

2010 NFL bold predictions

It's the opening day of the NFL season, and visions of Brett Favres are dancing in my head. I've been called "crackhead" in the past because I tend to make wild, outrageous NFL predictions...that...

Saying bye-bye to two Outsports NFL faves

Oh how quickly the stars of two Outsports faves are fading in the NFL. I've written before about the demise of Brady Quinn in Cleveland. It seems he's on the precipice of losing about $11 million...

Sports Tweet of the Week: T.O. in Miami

I know you've all been waiting for a Twitter update from a sports figure. Since I haven't been doing this on a weekly basis I'm not sure I should keep calling it "Sports Tweet of the Week," but if...

How Terrell Owens builds his abs

Whatever your opinion is of Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens, there is no denying his amazingly sculpted body (he says he has 6% body fat at 220 pounds). A lot of it is great genetics, plus the...

NFL preseason kicks off, Vince Young done

The NFL preseason kicked off last night with a Titans victory over the Bills, 21-18. The score was of little interest, as with most preseason games; But some storylines did come from it. First, V...

The T.O. show: Lots of skin

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times reviews the first two episodes of Terrell Owens' reality show on VH1 thats airs tonight. It's a pan, but McNamara did take note of Owens' best asset -- his...

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