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Williams unhappy with Offensive role

Williams Frustrated What do you guys think?  I've said this before, but I've seen Roy Williams open.  Currently, he doesn't fit in Romo's progressions.  He looks Witten > TO > then check down to...


Is this TO's final season as a Cowboy?

Well just as this team seemed to get its collective head above water and start making a run, TO shoots off his big mouth.  He questions Redball's playcalling and blames his lack of production on...


It's all about the hype

Yea, I know guys, this loss sucked.  We are angry at JG, Romo, Wade and everyone related to the defense.  The thing to remember is that this Cowboys team has been over-analyzed, over-hyped and...


My friends call me Pacman...you can call me Adam

I really like the way this guy is competing and the things he is saying.  I know the whole "Tennessee sucks" thing wasn't great, but this Q & A on DC.com is a good read and shows the fire this guy...


TO is here to stay !!!!!!! Wooooo Hooooo

As reported on ESPN by Michael Smith.....TO has signed a 3 year deal through 2011......amount unknown at this time !!!!!!....thank you....I knew this would be coming...And there isn't a player on...

I love TO ....May he retire a Cowboy's Hall of Famer....


This is classic.....If he isn't resigned after this season..I will be very diappointed...never thought i'd say this about TO...but he's exactly the kind of teammate i'd love to play with...


Where Have all the T.O. Haters Gone?

The TO experiment is 2/3 of the way into the initial contract and I am left wondering where all the "Cowboy Faithful" that were so sure that he would tear this team apart have gone.Where have all...


TO wins MVP celebrity basketball game

NBA allstar weekend kicked off tonight with the celebrity basketball game..


Skip Bayless

Holy Crap I think the universe as we know it just came to an end. I am watching 1st and 10 and Skip Bayless not only picked the Cowboys, after admitting that he was trying to find a way to pick the...


TO at practice on monday!

Terrell owens,recovering from a high ankle sprain,participated in this mornings walk through according to the Dallas morning news.http://cowboysblog.dallasnews.com/ Turns out that WR Terrell Owens...

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