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Tony Romo considered for closer of Texas Rangers

Well not really, but Joe Nathan (Giants fan) lost a bet to Mike Adams regarding the opening game of the NFL season. Joe had to attend batting practise in full Tony Romo garb.....enjoy!

Keep Blaming Romo, But the Folks at FO Don't Agree

Terry, eat your heart out! For those others who insist that Dallas rids itself of it's heroic Franchise QB, allow (probably) the most respected football analysis in town to iterate what most of us here at BtB have lambasted you with the whole time: You're wrong to want Romo gone. He's pretty damn good.

Sources: Tony Romo has punctured lung

While a CT scan revealed only one fracture to Tony Romo's ribs, the Cowboys' quarterback has been diagnosed with a punctured lung, according to sources.

Jerry Jones is not afraid to mix it up with fans

Article and multiple videos chronicling Jerry Jones’ historic status as an owner and his willingness to interact directly with fans. Included is his famous drunken rant discussing Tony Romo, Bill Parcells and Tim Tebow.

Tony Romo hanging with fans in North & South Texas

Article and videos display how Tony Romo’s graciousness to fans has not subsided despite his immense fame and bank balance.

Regarding Cowboys: BTB > MSM

How ignorant is SI.com's FF update writer? I give you Exhibit A: Tony Romo : Big Game in Winning Effort Romo had a big day Sunday (in part thanks to Miles Austin having his way with the Kansas City secondary) completing 20-of-34 passes for 351 yards and two TDs, with no INTs. Austin was on the other end of 250 of those yards and both scores, and it seems as though Romo and the Cowboys might have stumbled upon the home run threat at wide receiver they've been lacking. Dallas is on their bye next week, so it will be interesting to see in Week 7 and beyond whether their game plan calls for more Austin and less Roy Williams once Williams is healthy. Romo and our Cowboys didn't "stumble upon" the home run threat known as Austin. Us knowledgeable Cowboys fans -- thanks in large part to Grizz, Raf, and da BTB posse -- have been telling us about the potential of #19. And we've seen glimpses over the past two seasons. Sounds as though that SI writer may have just "stumbled upon" his limited knowledge.

Did You See This Animated Cowboys Spoof?

I perused SI.com's "Hot Clicks" section and stumbled across this link to YouTube.com, which parodies our Beloved Boyz. Normally, I'd get defensive and stand up for the Cowboys, but honestly, I actually kinda chuckled at this one. Please pardon the poor picture quality. Click here.

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