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Jerry Jones is insensitive.

I'd put the image directly in the fanshot, but SBN shrinks it and you can't read it.

Jerry Jones Gives vote of Confidence

"I can just give you a very affirmative 'no,' " Jones told KRLD-FM in Dallas when asked whether he has lost any confidence in his coach, or if Phillips could be fired if the Cowboys fall to 0-3. snip "I do believe in Wade and the staff and the players," said Jones, who has never fired a coach in midseason. "The thing about it is when you have that kind of commitment, one of the No. 1 things you have it for is those situations. Those people are supposed to really be there in hard times. Hard times. That's when you've got to make your best grade if you're deserving of that commitment and we're in hard times. "That's why I'm in the saddle with Wade and in the saddle with the staff and the team." Those where the main points from the article. Could this be the normal smoke that Jerry blows or is Wade and company safe for the sesaon?

Ed Werder up to his old tricks again...

After single-handedly attempting to ruin the Dallas Cowboys' 2008 season, Ed Werder is returning to his old stomping-ground, Dallas, to shed "light" on (provoke and further intensify) the tension between Phillips and Garrett. Seriously. Jerry needs to invest in a sniper that will tag this guy on-sight next time he comes within three miles of Valley Ranch.

Meeting Wade Phillips at Cowboys Camp in Oxnard

A story and photo about meeting Wade Phillips Thursday at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard. Phillips’ personality is the total opposite of Jerry Jones. Phillips appears to be the definition of laid back, while Jones is always moving. This is the case both on and off the practice field.

Brett Favre & Wade Phillips sightings in Downtown LA

A story chronicling how much more famous Brett Favre is than Wade Phillips. This rather obvious claim was witnessed by a writer, who saw both of them in the same LA hotel lobby, just a few minutes apart.

Did You See This Animated Cowboys Spoof?

I perused SI.com's "Hot Clicks" section and stumbled across this link to YouTube.com, which parodies our Beloved Boyz. Normally, I'd get defensive and stand up for the Cowboys, but honestly, I actually kinda chuckled at this one. Please pardon the poor picture quality. Click here.

Cowboys post-game press conference

Wade Phillips, Terrell Owens and Brad Johnson react following the Cowboys' win over the Buccaneers

Wade Phillips office tour

NFL.com video: "An exclusive look at Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips' office." What was Tom Landry's.

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