Trolling the Universe

What Does NFLPA Really Hope To Gain In Lawsuit?


Even with the new ruling that reopens the collusion claim by the player's union against the NFL, the odds are long that the union could win. But that is not the only thing the league wants.

The Wells Report Is Bad. Really Bad.


The report on the infamous Miami Dolphins bullying case is out, and it is worse than you probably imagined. Much worse.

Three Cowboys Storylines For The Combine


The Combine is now less than two weeks away. While you are looking at performances in the Underwear Olympics, here are some things Dallas fans might want to look for.

Pro Bowl Changes; Begs The Question - Do You Care?


The NFL made major changes to its All-Star game today, shaking things up to try and make the Pro Bowl relevant. Does any of this change your view of the game?

Do NFL Teams Bear Some Responsibility For Players?


In 2013, the NFL is facing new and disturbing questions about dealing with players who have troubled pasts. Can the league avoid future disasters like the Aaron Hernandez case, or is this just a...

The NFL: America's League


The Dallas Cowboys are America's Team and they belong to the most American sports league.

Who Choked In The NFL Playoffs?


The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens are set to meet in Super Bowl XLVII. Along the way, they have done some damage to the reputations of some quarterbacks that conventional wisdom said...

Read Option: NFL Fad Or Wave Of The Future?


The Dallas Cowboys got beaten by the Washington Redskins, in large part because of their inability to stop the read option offense. Will this offense just be a passing fancy, or will it become a...

Week 1 Predictions: How The Experts Predicted Cowboys @ Giants


A look at how some of the NFL experts predicted the season opener.

Trolling Cowboys @ Giants


Longtime readers of this site know that we've made it a habit here at BTB to celebrate a big win by trolling around the other SB Nation NFL sites and seeing what the fans of other teams had to say...


BTB 'Fear The Star' Fantasy Football Update: Invites Have Been Sent!


BTB's Fear The Star Fantasy Leagues is back and the selections have been made. FF '12 is getting ready to get ready!

Announcing BTB Fantasy Football: "Fear The Star" Leagues Are Back!


The BTB Fantasy Football Leagues are back for another year of madness. Cowboys fans only, sign up and stake your claim.

July 4th Open Thread


This July 4th open thread is brought to you in honor of former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bob Breunig, who was born July 4th, 1953. Breunig was drafted in the third-round of the 1975 draft out of...

What Do Colts And Lions Fans Think Of Mike Jenkins?


A look around the Colts and Lions blogs discussing possibly trading for Mike Jenkins.

Dallas Cowboys Are Defendants In NFLPA Lawsuit


The NFLPA is including the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins as defendants in their lawsuit. It doesn't seem fair, but this is about money, after all.

A Closer Look At The NFLPA Lawsuit


The NFLPA has filed a lawsuit claiming collusion by the NFL owneres during the 2010 "uncapped" season. Do they have a chance?

Cowboys Great Emmitt Smith On The Death Of Junior Seau


Emmitt Smith offers his thoughts, on Twitter, on the death of Junior Seau.

A Quick Reminder: SB Nation On YouTube


If you'll permit, I want to take a quick moment to bring up something not totally Cowboys-related. BTB is part of the SB Nation network of blogs, so every once in a while I'll need to promote some...

NFL Seeks To Have Cowboys and Redskins Grievance Dismissed


The NFL has filed to dismiss the grievance filed by the Cowboys and Redskins over the salary cap issue. And the lawyer fees just keep adding up.

Arbitration Hearing On Cowboys and Redskins Cap Penalty Set


A date has been set for arbitrating the salary cap penalty imposed on Dallas and Washington by the NFL. Here is a look at what could come out of this meeting.

The Future Of The Salary Cap


The new NFL salary cap was supposed to put more money in the players' pockets and give teams more money to build with. But despite the desires of owners like the Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones, that...

NCAA Basketball Championship Open Thread


It's Kansas and Kentucky for all the marbles in the NCAA Basketball Championship. This is an open thread for game chat.

Dallas Cowboys And Washington Redskins Open Fire On NFL


The Cowboys and the Redskins fight back. The two teams are filing a grievance over the 46 million dollars in cap penalties.

What Will Happen With The NFL Salary Cap In 2014?


The NFL has new television contracts starting in 2014 that will significantly increase the salary cap. Or will it?

NFL Disciplines Saints For "BountyGate"


NFL releases BountyGate punishments, specific targets, and investigation details.

NFC East 2012 Free Agency Roundup


The Dallas Cowboys have set franchise records for free agent activity. Here is a look at what the rest of the NFC East has done.

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