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Emmitt Smith says Dak Prescott should take team friendly deal and make up the rest in endorsements

Of course, it’s not Emmitt Smith’s contract we’re talking about, it’s Dak Prescott’s.

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Cowboys roster breakdown: Wide receiver is the most complex situation

There are a lot of moving pieces here.

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Jason Witten wants to stay with the Dallas Cowboys but is seemingly prepared for football elsewhere

Where will Jason Witten play in 2020?

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Cowboys News: Byron Jones with an NFC East rival would be a nightmare for Dallas fans

All the Cowboys news you could want.

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Cowboys bringing back Keith O’Quinn for role with the organization

Looks like no hard feelings between the Cowboys and O’Quinn.

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Cowboys 2020 NFL draft prospect: Wisconsin WR Quintez Cephus

Get to know Wisconsin WR Quintez Cephus

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Why Jerry Jones “big splash in the draft” comments should be taken seriously, Part II

A pattern may be developing in the Cowboys draft process.

Cowboys news: The Dallas secondary is seen as the team’s biggest need

All the goodness of Cowboys news.

What one report of a potential Teddy Bridgewater contract could mean for Dak Prescott

The cost of signing QBs is going up and up; Dallas needs to conclude business soon with Dak Prescott


The Blogging The Boys Cowboys FanShop

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The top target for the Cowboys in 2020 free agency? One name that’s been mentioned

Should the Cowboys swap out cornerbacks in free agency?

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t had consistent success in any round of the NFL draft outside of the first

Cowboys drafts have nor been consistent, something they need to change.

Cowboys roster breakdown: Offensive line just needs backups - maybe

This position group is really in good shape.

Why Jerry Jones “big splash in the draft” comments should be taken seriously, Part I

When it comes to Jerry Jones, all bets are off.

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Cowboys news: The latest regarding the Cowboys and free agency

All of the latest Cowboys coverage in one place!

Which non-football event of the Dallas Cowboys offseason are you most looking forward to?

Wait, there are things other than football?

Cowboys 2020 free agency: Anthony Brown tabbed as a ‘biggest potential bargain’ in free agency

The Cowboys might want to sign the under-the-radar guy.

XFL Sunday live thread for both games

Chat up the XFL.

How would you feel if the Dallas Cowboys were proven to have cheated during a Super Bowl-winning run?

The Astros controversy invades all sports.

Could a savvy “Jerry Maguire” agent being holding things up in the Dak Prescott negotiations?

You had me at "Rookie of the Year."

NFL Draft 2020: Best interior OL prospects to fill Cowboys depth chart

Which interior offensive linemen would be intriguing additions to the Cowboys?

Cowboys news: Mock draft roundup; Byron Jones to the Eagles?

Here is your daily dose of Cowboys news...

Former Cowboys wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal is headed to the Seattle Seahawks

Former Cowboys coach finds a landing spot.

Money talks, but Byron Jones walks? The Cowboys may have other plans at cornerback

The team may look elsewhere to find a new starting corner.

XFL Saturday live thread for both games

Chat up the XFL.

According to 2019 records, Cowboys have third-easiest strength of schedule in 2020

Of course, strength of schedule usually doesn’t mean much come the new season.

Cowboys roster breakdown: New direction coming at defensive tackle

How will the position change under the new defensive coaching regime?

Cowboys news: Dallas Cowboys free agency primer

Check out today’s latest and greatest news surrounding America’s team!

Bill Barnwell on the five offseason moves for the Cowboys to make; Dak Prescott is number one

A prescription for the Cowboys offseason, and you know it includes Dak Prescott’s contract situation. lists Tyrone Crawford as strong cut candidate for Dallas Cowboys

Crawford’s future has been a point of discussion all offseason.

Sean Lee is an insurance policy the Cowboys absolutely must renew

The team must work to get Lee signed for the upcoming season.

Two Dallas Cowboys defensive backs are in line for some pay raises in 2020

A couple of Cowboys player’s wallets are getting fatter.

Cowboys roster breakdown: Work needed to keep defensive end from becoming a weakness

Free agency hits this position hard for the Cowboys.

Cowboys news: Dak Prescott situation turning into a Kirk Cousins standoff?

Using the tag on QB Dak Prescott could end up being the worst move for the Cowboys.

There is speculation that Jerry Jones is looking to make “a big splash” in the 2020 NFL Draft

If it’s Jerry and the Cowboys, you can always count on this type of speculation.

What do you feel most differently about the Dallas Cowboys than you did just one year ago?

No team can avoid changes, so let’s see how you changed your feeling about the Cowboys.

Five college punters to know in the 2020 NFL draft class

Punters are people too!