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Catalytic Coles?

In one of his last statements to the press Bill Parcells mentioned the need to obtain a "catalytic player" for his offense this offseason, preferably at the receiver position. Two stories today make it clear this is not just idle talk. The Washington Post reported that WR Laveranues Coles would be released later this week and speculated that Dallas, Atlanta and Baltimore were likely destinations for the 27 year old, whom the Redskins paid a high first rounder (13th overall) to obtain just two years ago. Later in the day Washington was allegedly trying to backtrack; ESPN reported that the Redskins would try to trade Coles before cutting him loose, though Coles has allegedly agreed to return part of his signing bonus to facilitate his freedom.

Coles was drafted by the Jets when Bill Parcells was their head coach. The Cowboys would have as good a chance as any to sign Coles should he hit the market. Their medical staff will have to do its due diligence, however; one reason the Redskins are prepared to part ways with Coles is that he defied team wishes and did not have surgery on an injured big toe. The toe has apparently become arthritic. It remains to be seen if this will affect Coles, who is valued for his deep speed.

-- Rafael Vela

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