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Or Moss?

While Laveranues Coles is enticing, he's apparently not the only top-shelf WR on the Cowboys' radar. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported today that the Cowboys will likely enter the Randy Moss sweepstates. The Press noted that, "Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, who prides himself on handling difficult characters, will get into the sweepstakes for the controversial wide receiver along with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones."

The rumor seemingly clarifies an intriguing comment Jones made to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram on Friday, that he was "seriously considering" trading one of the Cowboys two #1 picks this year. Trading either the 11th or the 20th overall picks would obligate Jones to obtain a mini-bushel of picks or an impact player in return. Moss certainly fills the impact role.

One wonders, however if Jones is not still fighting his last battle. No recent pick has caused more consternation for Jones than passing up Moss with his #1 in 1998. One hopes Jerry is not trying to feed an obsession. He burned a lot of top picks trying to find a replacement for Charles Haley in the mid and late '90s. He's already burned two #1s trying to replace Michael Irvin with Joey Galloway.

-- Rafael Vela

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