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Catalytic Coles, Part Deux

The Laveranues Coles saga grows more interesting. The Washington Times reports that the Redskins are actively attempting to trade Coles and have interested his old team the Jets. However, the Washington Post claimed that Coles was resisting reworking his deal in order to be traded. Coles is upset with the Redskins, believing he had an agreement to pay back part of his bonus in order to be released.

It appears Coles is playing a game of chicken with Joe Gibbs and Dan Snyder. Gibbs changed his position Tuesday and remarked that he does not feel obligated to move Coles and would start 2005 with him. It remains to be seen how Coles would respond to this turn of events. Regardless of whether Coles become free or not, it's clear that any discord at Valley Ranch is small compared to that at Redskins Park.

-- Rafael Vela

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