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It's Bledsoe, But How Long?

Several news outlets are reporting Tuesday night that the Cowboys have already reached an agreement in principle with former Bills QB Drew Bledsoe, who was released just this afternoon.

The primary question that is unanswered at this moment is this: how long is the contract? If the deal is for one season with an option, the Drew Henson watch will continue. Bledsoe, we can assume, will assume the starter's throne until Henson is deemed ready, whenever that may be.

If the deal is for two years, the Parcells/Jones feud that has been so anticipated by so many sportswriters from the day Parcells was hired may be developing.

Update: Reports Wednesday say the Bledsoe deal is for multiple years. This suggests Parcells is in no hurry to ride off into the sunset, as one major sports publication has suggested.

-- Rafael Vela

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