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More Wahle Sightings

Word from Green Bay continues to be that OG Mark Wahle will be cut by Tuesday. Why do I continue to track the developments of a free agent LG, when the Cowboys still have an effective Larry Allen under contract, and their biggest offensive line hole is at right tackle? According to ESPN's Len Pasquarelli, Wahle is seen by many NFL scouts as the most desirable offensive tackle likely to hit the market. In its 2004 yearbook, Pro Football Weekly rated Wahle as the 12th best guard in the league, but remarked that he could be a "monster right tackle."

Wahle was a college tight end who put 306 lbs on his 6'6" frame once he turned pro. With Jacob Rogers a major question mark after shoulder surgery, Wahle could be the right tackle that Bill Parcells has tried so desperately to find the past two seasons. If Rogers proves he can play, Wahle could be moved back inside to guard in a year or so when Larry Allen is ready to retire. He could play any o-line position but center for the Cowboys. I've seen no confirmation in the press, but I believe Wahle will be the one big money player the Cowboys pursue next week. Two years of uncertainly at right tackle is enough. Having a relatively immoblile QB in Drew Bledsoe makes finding a RT an even higher priority.

-- Rafael Vela

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