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A Sharper View(ing)

Keep an eye on Green Bay to see what it does with FS Darren Sharper. Sharper and the Eagles' Brian Dawkins have been the top free safeties in the NFC the past few years, but Sharper had a down 2004. He claims he played with a recurring leg injury that robbed him of his speed. The Packers are worried that age is catching up to him. Sharper has a big contract and may be part of the Packers' anticipated salary-cap purge in the next two days.

The Cowboys medical staff could be heroes if: a.) Sharper is in fact cut and; b.) Sharper is right about his injury. Two years ago the Chargers cut Pro Bowl safety Rodney Harrison after he had an injury-filled season. The Chargers felt he was washed up. Harrison argued that he was merely playing injured. Harrison was right. The Patriots signed him to a reasonable contract and were rewarded when his play returned to past form. He has been the leader of their secondary during their last two Super Bowl runs.

-- Rafael Vela

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