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The Dud Scenario

Most draft speculation on this site has the Cowboys choosing from many appealing options at pick 11. What if Derrick Johnson andShawne Merriman are on the board? What if one of the big receivers drops? What do you do if Antrel Rolle is the top player on the board? Do you draft him and make him a safety?

Now, what if none of those options emerges? One of the games every NFL team plays is game-planning for all possibilities, good and bad. Imagine this permutation plays out on draft day:

  • 1. San Francisco -- Aaron Rogers

  • 2. Miami -- Ronnie Brown

  • 3. Cleveland -- Shawne Merriman

  • 4. Chicago -- Braylon Edwards

  • 5. Tampa Bay -- Mike Williams

  • 6. Tennessee -- Antrel Rolle

  • 7. Minnesota -- Troy Williamson

  • 8. Arizona -- Alex Smith

  • 9. Washington -- Erasmus James

  • 10. Detroit -- Derrick Johnson
  • It's now your turn. The wide receivers are all gone. The top linebackers are gone too. So is your safety option. The top players on the board are running backs, which you do not need. Your trade options are weak, since everybody is trying to move down. What would Dallas do in this case? My guess is that they take Marcus Spears.

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