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Draft Jockeys

Jerry Jones hinted last week that he wants to trade down with one or both of his first round picks. But it takes two to tango. Who would be willing to move up in a year when the first round is so muddled, especially among players in the 10 to 25 range?

Some information on that front is emerging.

Buffalo Bills' GM Tom Donahoe apparently wants to move up from his current top pick at 55, and is using RB Travis Henry as bait. Donahoe mentioned that he's already getting lots of calls from teams willing to bail out of the first round.

Cleveland Browns GM Phil Savage shows a willingness to trade down, from either the 3rd overall pick, or from the 34th pick that sits at the front of round two. Savage's comments suggested that some teams are willing to move up to get quality players who may slip out of round one.

The most tantalizing crumb comes from Pittsburgh, where Kevin Colbert, the Steelers' Director of Football Operations says the Steelers are investigating moving up from the 30th pick.

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