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The Silly Season Shifts into Top Gear

We're in the last week before the draft, when crazy rumors begin to fly fast and furiously. Some, as Henry Kissinger would say, will have the added benefit of being true. Here's one to ponder, and a few other notes:

Dallas to 3? The Cowboys have apparently discussed moving up to pick three with the Cleveland Browns. It is unclear if the talks can be termed serious, or if Dallas was simply trying to guage what the Browns would want.

You can have any player you like, so long as it's Marcus Spears Dallas Morning News draft guru Rick Gosselin has the Cowboys selecting LSU DE Marcus Spears with the 11th pick and Oklahoma WR Mark Clayton at pick 20 in his current mock draft. In his first mock on April 10th, he presented Dallas with OLB/DE Demarcus Ware at 11 and Spears at 20. Gosselin's mocks carry more weight than others because year in and year out, they are by far the most accurate.

Abraham Deal a Mirage According to New York Daily News football columnist Gary Myers -- a long time football writer for the Dallas Morning News -- Dallas has shown no interest in acquiring Jets DE John Abraham. For now, it seems that both the Abraham and Darren Howard options are dormant, if not dead.

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