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A Handful of Smoke

Lies and the lying GMs who tell them. Some of the more powerful fiction to emerge in the last 24 hours of NFL liar's poker:

  • The Redskins are talking to the Raiders and may ring up the Bills in their desire to land a veteran CB. One rumor has the Dan Snyders sending the 9th pick to Oakland for CB Philip Buchanon and the Raiders second rounder. A league source says the Bills CB Nate Clemons, a favorite of Redskins DC Gregg Williams during his time at Buffalo, may be another Redskins target.

  • Minnesota is apparently exploring moving up into the top two to acquire Braylon Edwards

  • The Bucs are exploring moving up to get QB Alex Smith

  • The Dolphins were the Bucs primary trade target, but with San Francisco suddenly professing love for Smith, you have to know they're trying to tease the Bucs into talking with them.

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars are watching the running backs with interest. It is their hope one of the Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown trio drops. Fred Taylor's age is becoming a concern.

  • If Jacksonville is serious about a back, they would likely have to leapfrog the Texans. Houston is quietly hoping that one of the backs slips to them at 13.
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