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Howard Trade Revived?

The Ranch Report is floating a rumor that the Saints and Cowboys are again discussing a trade involving DE Darren Howard. This would send Howard and the Saints' third-round pick (82nd overall) to Dallas for the Cowboys' second first rounder, the 20th overall.

The difference in value of these picks is 690 points, or the general value of the last pick in round one or the first pick in round two. (Both the 32nd and 33rd picks are valued at 680 points.) If Dallas pulled this deal off, they would in effect obtain Howard for a late first rounder.

The point value aside, obtaining Howard would cement the Cowboys' defensive philosophy. At 275 lbs., he is a true 4-3 end. If he's on board, the intense interest in big 3-4 tweeners probably goes out the window and Dallas begins thinking differently about pick eleven. Suddenly, a linebacker like Derrick Johnson, who is better suited for a 4-3 scheme, gains in appeal. So does a top level wide receiver.

I'm sure the debate inside the war room is intense. How would you handle this proposal?

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