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Number Games

Here are two late scenarios to play with, courtesy of CNNSi's Peter King.

  • The Carolina Panthers are looking to trade up if one of the top three running backs slips out of the top ten. If one escapes the Cardinals at pick 8, this is very likely. The Panthers will not have Stephen Davis for the beginning of the season and are concerned about DeShaun Foster's durability. A trade down from eleven to pick fourteen would yield the Cowboys that third round pick they so desire, but will cost them a fifth rounder in return.
  • If Dallas looks around and sees none of the pass rushers gone when the 11th pick rolls around, it could make this deal and still get one of the Demarcus Ware, Shawne Merriman, Marcus Spears trio. Carolina would want to move up to assure the falling RB is not selected by Houston at thirteen.

  • King reports that the Jets are exploring moving into the mid-to-late first round in exchange for their two second-round picks. The Cowboys' 20th pick is worth 850 points. The value of New York's 38th and 57th overall picks on a draft chart is 860 points. If Dallas were to come on the clock at 20 and find the first wave of pass rushers tapped out (Ware, Merriman, Spears, James, Pollack) this move could make sense.
  • Pulling off both of these moves would leave Dallas with a first, three second rounders and a third.

    Any part of these deals appeal to anyone?

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