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Draft Timeline

ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that if QB Alex Smith and WR Braylon Edwards go off the board at picks 1 and 2, the Cleveland Browns could rattle the draft by taking either DE/OLB Demarcus Ware or fellow 'tweener David Pollack.

Clayton passes on the rumor that Washington is considering offers from the Rams (19) and Seahawks (22) to trade up. The Rams want Thomas Davis or one of the offensive tackles. The Seahawks apparently want a rusher.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue finally winds the draft clock.

San Francisco selects QB Alex Smith.

No surprises. Miami stays at 2 and selects RB Ronnie Brown.

Offense, offense, offense. Cleveland takes WR Braylon Edwards.

Chicago spends fifteen minutes to declare the obvious. Cedric Benson is a Bear.

Some hints at the Cowboys' options are beginning to emerge. The running backs are going high, which limits Dallas' trade down options at 11. On the other hand, with Tampa and/or Arizona looking hard at running backs, the run on offense is continuing, which means more defensive options for the good team.

Cadillac Williams' living room has just erupted in glee at the news that he will be playing for Tampa Bay. The running backs are gone.

The next question is what happens to Arizona at 8? Its biggest need is CB after RB, so it's more likely the Cardinals take one of the Antrel Rolle, Carlos Rogers, Pac-Man Jones trio. But QB Aaron Rogers is still on the board. Can the Cards pass him up? We'll know in about half an hour.

Finally, a team that can make a decision in less than fifteen minutes. After some deliberation, the Titans end the run on offense by taking CB Pac-Man Jones of West Virginia.

Minnesota keeps the offensive vibe going by taking WR Troy Williamson at seven.

Arizona breaks Cowboys Blog regular Jon's heart by selecting Antrel Rolle. Aaron Rogers cannot be happy. He could slide a long way now that the Cards have passed on him.

The CBs are now gone. Washington empties the cupboard by selecting Carlos Rogers at pick 9.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! The Lions take only five minutes to pick WR Mike Williams of USC. This is the third consecutive year the Lions have taken a WR with the top pick. To be fair, Charles Rogers has missed almost his entire career with a broken collarbone, which may be chronic.

Dallas couldn't be happier. The defensive options are more numerous, with Derrick Johnson on the board. And they get their choice of pass rushers. The clock is on!

One more thought You know which team has tried unsucessfully the last two years to get a LB? And which now could trade up to get one? The Saints. And do I need to fill you in on the Cowboys-Saints backstory?

The Dallas Cowboys select OLB/DE Demarcus Ware of Troy with the 11th pick.

They must have really liked this guy. There was no hesitation. No signs that they were working the phones for a deal late into their time. They aimed and fired. And now the Cowboys have their speed rusher.

The other trend to note at this point: no trades. Not a one. Nobody has even come close to one, from what I've seen.

San Diego followed the Cowboys by quickly selecting Shawne Merriman.

This foils the plans of the Texans, who were hoping for one of the two speed rushers or that an offensive skills position player would fall to them. Charlie Casserley pulls off the first trade of the day by dropping to pick 16. New Orleans moves up and takes OT Jammal Brown. There had been rumors that with Alex Barron dropping, Brown's value has risen in kind. The Saints clearly feared Brown would go to Carolina at pick fourteen.

It's a little too early to get excited, but with Derrick Johnson and Thomas Davis still on the board, the odds are slightly better that the Cowboys might get lucky at pick 20.

Carolina picks Georgia S/OLB Thomas Davis. This would seemingly make the Chiefs pick easier. I would be surprised if Derrick Johnson is not headed to K.C.

Kansas City selects Derrick Johnson at pick fifteen.

The Texans take Florida St. DL Travis Johnson. This scuttles my mock draft, but with David Pollack, Erasmus James and Marcus Spears still on the board, I'm not complaining too much.

The Bengals select David Pollack at pick 17.

Minnesota selects DE Erasmus James at pick 18.

Will Bill and Jerry's excellent gamble pay off? The Rams are all that stand between Dallas and Marcus Spears.

The Rams jump up and take OT Alex Barron.

If the Cowboys don't take Spears at 20, I'll be awfully surprised.

The Dallas Cowboys select DE Marcus Spears of LSU.

According to ESPN's Ed Werder, the Cowboys had tried to trade up the past few picks to assure themselves of Spears, but stuck at 20 and got him anyway. The double-dip philosophy has paid off. They got the big D-lineman they wanted and the speed rusher they preferred.

The Jaguars make Rick Gosselin look like an ace by taking Arkansas WR Matt Jones.

Catching up on two picks. The Ravens get happy when WR Mark Clayton falls to pick 22. At 23, the Raiders trade up three spots to claim CB Fabian Washington from Nebraska.

I'm going to take a break and watch the Rockets/Mavericks tip off. I'll be back in time for the 2nd round pick.

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