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Second Round Timeline

The second round is beginning, with the Pats taking OG Logan Mankins of Fresno State to end round one. Some quick observations:

1. In the division, the drafting seems sound. For all the noise about Jason Campbell, I think Washington did well with the Carlos Rogers pick. Philly's pick of Mike Patterson was also solid, though it raises questions about the future of Corey Simon or Hollas Thomas as Eagles.

2. What at the top of your board this round?

Cleveland takes FS Brodney Pool with the 34th pick.

The Eagles take WR Reggie Brown, filling a major need.

The Bears have just picked Oklahoma's WR Mark Bradley. I see value at CB, with Clemson's Justin Miller still on the board, and at WR.

The Saints take the second FS of the round with Nebraska's Josh Bullocks.

The Cowboys are on the clock.

Dallas drafts Tennessee LB Kevin Burnett with the 42nd pick.

The bridges have been burned. Parcells is going 3-4 and there is no turning back. Burnett is another fast, athletic , BIG -- 6'3", 240 lb. -- linebacker to add to the collection. This is also a board pick. Burnett was rated as a high second rounder. You can complain about not filling needs, but you can't call this pick a reach.

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