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Value in the Sweetspot

It is often remarked among draftniks that one of the best places to be is in the top ten of the fourth round. After a hectic third round, where picks are limited to just five minutes, which comes at the end of a very long first two rounds, good players regularly fall through the cracks. Personnel department now have a chance to catch their breaths and evaluate the players who are still around.

Fortunately, Dallas picks eighth in the fourth round tomorrow, and should find quality with its first pick since taking Kevin Burnett at the 45th pick.

Here's a brief look at the top players at every position available tomorrow. Emphasis will be placed on areas where Dallas has expressed need, like backup RB, OT, WR, CB and FS. Players who attended Dallas' pre-draft banquet are in italics:

Runnings backs

  • Ciatrick Fason, Marion Barber III, Darren Sproles, K.J. Harris, Cedric Houston
  • Wide receivers

  • Fred Gibson, Jerome Mathis, Calphonso Thorpe, Steve Savoy, Airese Currie,
  • Offensive Guard

  • Elton Brown, Dan Breunning, Scott Young
  • Defensive tackles/nose tackles

  • Anttaj Hawthorne, Ronald Fields, Jason Jefferson
  • Safeties

  • Ernest Shazor, Donte Nicholson, Sean Considine, Vincent Fuller
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