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Sixth Round Thread

The sixth round has begun, which means Dallas is back in play, after a tedious wait through the fifth. With the two supplemental picks approximately 30 choices away, it's time to consider what's been taken and what's left.

With the exception of Demarcus Ware, the Cowboys have stuck with the Parcells big school formula. The second objective has been adding muscle to the defensive front seven. So far, we've seen:

DE -- 307 lb. Marcus Spears and 285 lb. Chris Canty
LB -- 251 lb. Demarcus Ware and 240 lb. Kevin Burnett
RB -- 221 lb. jack of all trades Marion Barber III

My guess? If one of the Wisconsin DTs, Jason Jefferson or Antajj Hawthorne is around, I can see Dallas completing the front seven makeover by choosing him.

  • Oakland begins the round by choosing Hawthorne.
  • Dallas finishes the round by selecting Ball State S Justin Beriault and Pitt OT Rob Petitti.
  • Beriault, according to the PFW draft book has 4.55 speed and is listed as a free safety. That's where he will probably start. He's listed as a strong special teams player, which will give him a second chance to make the team. His strengths are his intelligence and discipline. The weakness, apparently is range. My scouting report shows that he's a bit stiff.

    Let me caution you on the accuracy of these books with small college players. Willie Clay, who made a long living playing FS for Parcells, had a 4.72 on his draft book profile. I'm not saying the book is suddenly bad, because this guy has about a 50/50 shot as an NFL safety. I'm saying that he fits a position of need, and until I see the bad 50%, I'm stressing the good 50.

    This is a sixth round pick, after all, and everyone here is a longshot.

  • Dallas finishes its draft day by selecting Auburn DT/DE Jay Ratliff.
  • Ratliff looks a bit small to play inside, but appears to have some rushing ability. He's one more side on the Parcells beef truck.

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