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Post-Draft Crumbs

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An old security blanket? The Detroit Lions released long-time Cowboys FS Brock Marion today. I did not see Marion play in '04 and can't comment on his current skill level, but if the twelve-year veteran still has some range, he could be an inexpensive security blanket at FS.

Undrafted free agents Some names from the undrafted free agent crop have started to filter out. They include:

  • Tony Curtis, TE, Portland State

  • Roger Cooper, LB, Montana

  • Jon Condo, LB, Maryland

  • The Cowboys will release the full list on Thursday.

    Merriman holds a grudge Chargers LB Shawne Merriman had some harsh words for Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones after the draft. He claims the two "lied to him and smacked him in the face" because they told Merriman Dallas would select him if it got the chance. Dallas faces San Diego in the season opener, so we'll get to see who does the smacking and who gets smacked.