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Glenn Still in Limbo

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The odds of Aaron Glenn becoming a Cowboy are good, but don't pencil him onto the depth chart just yet. The newly released CB is also drawing attention from the Jets, Patriots and Bucs. Glenn did tell the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram that the chance to play for Bill Parcells again has him leaning towards Dallas.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Cowboys are doing their homework on free agent FS Brock Marion but are not inclined to offer him a deal at this time. The team prefers to give its young players first crack at filling the free safety spot.

Update: The Patriots no longer have interest in Glenn, having signed free agent CB and former Steeler Chad Scott yesterday. The Globe indicated that it was Glenn's agent who initiated contact between Glenn and the team, but that he is almost certain to land in Dallas.

Done Deal: The Cowboys this afternoon signed Glenn to a two year contract for an undisclosed amount.