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Hunter Out, Mickens In -- Oh, Nevermind

The fallout from the Aaron Glenn signing Wednesday became clear on Thursday. According to CB Pete Hunter's agent, the Cowboys will ship the disgrunted Hunter to the New York Jets in exchange for veteran CB Ray Mickens.

The deal appears to be depth for depth. With Glenn on board, Hunter was facing the prospect of being the Cowboys' fourth corner. In Mickens, Bill Parcells would be obtaining another familiar veteran from his Jets days. The nine year veteran will come with a risk; Mickens is recovering from an ACL tear that cost him the entire 2004 season. In this regard, the deal appears to as much a way of removing a headache in Hunter as it does a way of gaining veteran depth in the secondary.

Update: The DMN is now reporting that the Hunter-for-Mickens deal is dead, quoting Jets GM Terry Bradway as a source.

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