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Blue Noses

This is off topic, but it's Cowboys-related and it irked me.

ESPN was running its review of the Cowboys' mini camp today. It showed excerpts from Bill Parcells' press conference Friday afternoon. When they got to the money quote about how fear motives him, ESPN bleeped his self-analysis of himself. It bleeped the word Parcells used which refers to the way you draw soda through a straw. That word which you can find in the title two posts down on this blog.

Let's keep score here. ESPN won't air the word "suck." It refused to air Randy Moss simulating pulling his pants down and mooning somebody because it was "indecent." But it aired the video of Todd Bertuzzi beating a Colorado Avalanche player within an inch of his life on an endless loop. More recently, it ran video of the Pistons-Pacers free-for- all as many times as it could.

I understand why ESPN is being skittish. The fines and moving FCC standards after the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" have left many radio and TV stations guessing where the lines should be drawn, and most if not all are erring on the side of caution. But when a cable channel thinks cracked vertebrae and riots are good programming but PG-13-level language and pantomime are obscene, I have to wonder what the stardards and practices in Brisol, Connecticut look like.

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