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Safety Update

Dallas will likely have more veteran options to contemplate when June 1st rolls around. The Sporting News is reporting that Pittsburgh Steelers FS Mike Logan will likely be cut next week. Logan's play has been described as "athletic but not heady" which does not sound like a good fit for the quarterback of a Bill Parcells secondary. The fact that Logan lost his starting job last year could also factor in the Cowboys' thinking should Logan actually hit the market.

A more tantalizing option would be Vikings SS Corey Chavous. The former Vanderbilt standout is avoiding offseason workouts with Minnesota because of a contract dispute. The fact that he's in the last year of his contract, and that Minnesota has a young SS they like in Willie Offord could make Chavous expendable.

Why might the Cowboys covet a strong safety, when Roy Williams is on the roster? Consider Chavous' profile in Pro Football Weekly's 2004 preview, which rated him the seventh best safely in the league.

Cerebral defensive back and student of the game made smooth transition from cornerback to strong safety but is still out of position. Chavous would be a superstar at free safety, but Minnesota didn't move him to the FS spot due to Brian Russell's production at that position.

I have found mention of a chronic knee problem, but Chavous has missed only three games in his seven-year career. Minnesota spent a small fortune signing Darren Sharper to play FS, so Chavous won't be moving there soon -- at least not in a Vikings uniform.

Update: Former Falcons FS Corey Hall, whom the Cowboys worked out last week, signed today with the Washington Redskins.

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