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Morgan's Mystery Shoulder Injury a Concern

Quincy Morgan injured a shoulder last week in a passing drill.

That much is certain. The question that lingers is how badly? Conflicting reports have emerged in the past two days. Morning News writer Jean-Jacques Taylor makes the injury sound severe, claiming that the injury will require surgery at the end of the season, but that Morgan is determined to play through it.

Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram offers a more optimistic assessment today, quoting an a member of Morgan's agency who termed the injury a "strain." Morgan is rehabilitating the shoulder and claims he will be fine for the start of the season.

With the beginning of camp still almost two months away, the injury is either the type that can be rehabilitated by August or so bad that Morgan wouldn't have the time to recover from surgery before camp. I'm skeptical that an injury that serious could be managed week-to-week for seventeen weeks and not compromise Morgan's play. I'm not a medical doctor, but I know a couple who can provide the proverbial second opinion. I'll add my two cents after I consult them.

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