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Fresh Crumbs

Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram offers crumbs of info for a hungry Cowboys nation today. Among the morsels:

  • Larry Allen may move to right tackle, but it is not a certainty. Cowboys VP Stephen Jones tells Hill that the team will put its five best o-linemen on the field, in some combination.

  • FS Damien Robinson will not be signed now. The team will wait to see how Izell Reece, Lynn Scott, Keith Davis and Justin Beriault perform.

  • Quincy Morgan's shoulder rehab is progressing on schedule and he should be 100% for camp.
  • Hill offers a correction on the compensation for Pete Hunter: Dallas will receive a sixth in 2007 or a fifth rounder in 2006 if Hunter meets certain incentives. The years had previously been reported in reverse.

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