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Parcells Appears the Happiest Camper

"I felt like I had to increase my energy level a lot. That's what I attempted to do physically." "I want to be able to stay on their ass every day. That's the best way I can put it."

-- Bill Parcells at Friday's press conference

When your head coach puts himself through a minicamp to prepare for the season you better not come with any lame excuses about your weight. Are you listening, Marcus Spears?

Bill Parcells greeted the press at Oxnard yesterday in perhaps the best shape of his coaching career, certainly of his time in Dallas. The coach has been running diligently and has lost weight. This should further diminish the talk we heard last January that Parcells was looking for a retirement seat at Saratoga racetrack. Big Bill looked at the disappointment of 2004 and included himself among the failures. He's rededicated himself to the project at hand, and looks as eager as any rookie.

This is going to be fun, folks.

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