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Saturday's Scrimmage -- What Do We Know?

Saturday afternoon brought a full squad scrimmage. While it offered game situations and pace, there was apparently little hitting. Information is sketchy though two names have emerged. One offers hope for the secondary while the second bears watching next weekend.

CB Anthony Henry stymied every receiver who came to his side. News about Henry has been scarce of late, which is good, since the first two days of camp brought breathless rumors that he was "stiff" and struggling.

The star of the scrimmage was rookie Thomas Johnson. The Middle Tennessee State free agent went undrafted and has spent most of his time in Oxnard at nose tackle. Johnson was moved to left DE after Marcus Spears' injury and made the most of the opportunity. He embarrassed RT Torrin Tucker yesterday, beating him for four sacks.

What, if anything, can we take from this? Not much, in my opinion. Had Johnson spun past Flozell Adams or Marco Rivera, players who are known quantities, we could make an accurate reading of Johnson's potential. But how much of Johnson's stat line was due to his skill and how much was due to Tucker's stuggles? Tucker has been a very erratic player in his short Cowboys career, and Saturday's matchup may tell us more about his chances of sticking than it does about Johnson's. We won't really know for sure until the Cowboys square off against another team.

Journalism 101
Friday headline on "Spears to Miss 2 to 4 Weeks."
Saturday headline on "Spears Sits Out Scrimmage."

Gentlemen, after Friday it's only news if Spears plays on Saturday.

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