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Going Incognito

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I see Bill Parcells is questioning anybody "writing stuff down" at camp. Damn. That blows my plan of using a laptop on the sidelines, videotaping every 11-on-11 drill and webcasting it live. (Insert sarcasm here.)

From what I understand, Oxnard is much more fan friendly than San Antonio used to be. The Alamodome was a museum; nobody was permitted to even bring cameras into the stadium. You were required to check them at one of the entrances and get them on your way out.

It seems Jerry Jones' marketing side has won out over Bill Parcells' paranoid side -- at least for now. Fans are permitted to bring still cameras and camcorders, as they were in Austin and at Wichita Falls. The new rules don't apply for the "regular" press, who have to turn off their expensive rigs once the full team drills begin. One of the Metroplex news stations ran a story the other day detailing how much more leeway the fans have over the press.

I'm sure Parcells is not happy with the arrangement, which explains his questioning a fan who brought a clipboard to today's practice. The guy was a high school coach from New Jersey who wanted to take notes on a Parcells practice.

Never fear, friends, I've got the perfect disguise for reporting next week. I'm going as my seven year old son. Parcells will never spot me.