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Pick Eight -- Linebackers

The news that Dallas might keep eight defensive linemen may impact the number of linebackers kept. I think, however that a minimum of eight will make the roster, especially with so many 3-4 packages being worked out. Linebackers are not only the heart of the 3-4 scheme, but the backbone of the special teams units, regardless of the scheme(s) run. Eight is one to two more than Dallas kept when it was exclusively a 4-3 unit.

SOLB -- Sure bets -- Kevin Burnett, Al Singleton
SILB -- Sure bets -- none, but Brady James and Scott Shanle both are strong bets;
WILB -- Sure bet -- Dat Nguyen;
WOLB -- Sure bet -- Demarcus Ware; Good chance -- Kalen Thornton
On the bubble -- Ryan Fowler, Kevin O'Neill, Eric Ogbogu

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