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Viral Marketing

Thanks to all for the kind words. Believe me, it's fun to be here, but it's not as much fun if you can't share what you see.

A quick point about how this site works and how you can help. Many of you made donations via PayPal that got me to Oxnard. That's great, but it's not the long term way this blog will succeed. The biggest potential source of revenue for us comes from blogads. You can see one for satellite TV about halfway down the right hand side of the page. The rates for blogads are determined by traffic. The more visitors we get the more a sponsor pays to buy an ad.

Our traffic has increased this week, to the point it was during the draft, which was our best day ever. We're matching that and beating that consistently. But we need to grow more. So, while it's great that you donate -- and I don't want to discourage that -- the best thing you can do if you like Cowboys Blog is to keep coming and TO BRING FRIENDS. Spread the word.

Please -- Friends Don't Let Friends Read Jean-Jacques Taylor.

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