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Names to Watch Tonight

  • Rob Petitti -- he will be the most watched man tonight, for good reason. How far along, or how far away is he from being a starting NFL right tackle?

  • Torrin Tucker -- If there any reason to trust in him if Petitti slips? So far this year the answer has been no.

  • Tyson Walter and Stephen Peterman. They may be fighting each other for the final guard spot. Add Ben Noll to this group, since he's running behind both of them.

  • Will either FS Lynn Scott or Ike Reece make a play? One of these guys will probably stick and the other probably won't.

  • FB Lousaka Polite had the whole week to himself because of injuries but had a nasty habit of dropping passes. If he doesn't pick it up, the chances of no FBs sticking increases, since Darian Barnes and Eric Bickerstaff are falling away with injuries.

  • The Quincy Morgan, Reggie Harrell, Tim Crowder, Ahmad Merritt group. Probably four guys for two spots here.

  • Kevin Burnett: can this guy make enough plays to challenge Al Singleton for the starting SOLB spot right now?

  • Bradie James -- He's the starter, but Scott Shanle has beaten him out for the other ILB spot in the nickel and Ryan Fowler is looking better.

  • Fowler -- He gets near the ball a lot in practice. Can he translate it into games?

  • Greg Ellis -- He looked good in the four man drills but struggled a bit in the 3-4. How does he hold up against the run?

  • Chris Canty -- Will the coaches turn him loose? It could be fun if they do.

  • Thomas Johnson -- He got big ink making Torrin Tucker look silly, but can he hold the middle against another team?
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