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Roster Thinned -- Cowboys Jettison Six
Bill Parcells was not joking yesterday when he said he would "thin" his roster soon. Dallas cut six players this afternoon, including OT Jacob Rogers, FB Darian Barnes, WR Ahmad Merritt, K Billy Cundiff, LB Mike Goolsby and FS Izell Reese.

The cuts represent a serious clearing of what one blog poster called "The Tour de Cowboys," the row of exercise bikes lining the training camp fields where the injured players rode the hours away. Rogers and Barnes spent much of last week on the bikes at Oxnard, trying to rehab injuries. Cundiff was injured prior to the Seahawks game and would not be available for the season's opening games. Merritt injured a foot in the Seahawks game and would have to be carried on injured reserve were he not cut. The Cowboys apparently did not feel he deserved this treatment. All four will receive injury settlements as they were cut while hurt.

Goolsby was caught in a numbers game, running behind Ryan Fowler and Keith O'Neill. He had a hard time getting playing time. Reese had been fairly anonymous during camp and became expendable when the Cowboys signed Rich Coady this morning.

Churning the Secondary: Dallas added some apparent depth to its secondary corp Wednesday, signing FS Rich Coady to a one year deal. The former Ram will get a shot at Keith Davis', but the man now on the hot seat is Lynn Scott, who must beat out Coady to keep his roster spot.

Poutville: Quincy Morgan may be trying to lighten Bill Parcells' load. The WR accused the coaching staff of running an unfair competition for the third receiver spot and says they're playing favorites with WR Patrick Crayton. Morgan feels he's better than a fourth receiver and can help another team in the league.

Whether it's premeditated or not, Morgan may get his wish.

Crying Wolf on Vollers? DMN scribe Matt Moseley reported that OT Kurt Vollers left the Seahawks game with a wrist wrapped in ice and that the injury "did not look good."

As we know, bad news travels fast. Especially bad news about a Cowboys player. However, there was no word in either paper, the AP or on other football wires I check about Vollers' injury today. I'm hopefull it now looks a lot better to the training staff than it did to Moseley.

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