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Any Big Splashes Left in the Offseason?

By this time a week from now the Cowboys will have a firm idea of their roster. They may be tinkering with the last two or so spots but the real important decisions will be set. The late roster cuts will have an effect on the team, as the Parcells Cowboys have made a few late pickups to bolster weak spots and special teams. The bigger question is whether they might make a bolder move like, say, a trade to fill in an area of need? And if they did, who would be out there?

FS -- This is still an area of need, even with the Rich Coady signing. When I was in Oxnard, I happened to stand near one of the many volunteers who work the camp. These guys get close to the players and their families and love to tell stories to show off the fact that they get close to the players and their families. The volunteer on this day had a story on Lynn Scott, who was practicing just a few feet away with the secondary. He said that Scott's wife had relayed that he was very unsure of making the team, where he had shown more confidence in the past.

The Coady signing shows that Scott was right. His presence endangers Scott more than anybody else. However, I'm not sure that Coady has any right to feel secure. Izell Reese was a longtime NFL vet and where is he today? Looking for work. Coady will have to produce on special teams to win a spot. And because he was signed for such a small salary, I would not be at all surprised to see Coady and Scott get the boot if a better veteran option became available next week.

RT-- The Cowboys may have contacted Scott Gragg's agent and Ross Verba may be out there, but there are no new rumors to replace these. The Cowboys may still be considering one of these veterans, but if they were desperate to fill the RT position, would they not have signed one of them in the last two days? They are veterans, but they need some time to prepare for the season and learn your blocking schemes. With Marco Rivera returning to practice yesterday, Petitti gets an even longer lease on right tackle.

WR -- The discussion this week has centered on Quincy Morgan versus Patrick Crayton, but I think it's misguided, since they are now playing different positions. Crayton has won the spot as the third WR and as Terry Glenn's backup. Morgan, thought known as a speedster, is backing up Keyshawn. Behind Morgan is a lot of question marks. I would not be surprised to see the Cowboys pick up a late veteran cut here if he could handle Johnson's role.

OLB -- This was Bill Parcells concern going into the Seahawks game and the ability of the first team Seattle offense to riddle the linebacking corps with passes to tight ends and receivers running crossing routes over the middle has to concern him. If there was a spot that might see a surprise move, through waiver claim or trade, this might be it. Hey, I understand John Abraham still hasn't reported to Jets' camp! (Sound of me staggering out of my opium den heard in the background.) Yeah, it's crazy, but I can dream, can't I?

In all seriousness, Abraham in a Cowboys uniform is a pipe dream. The thought of new OLB with the team next week is not.

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