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Cutdown Day Shavings

Dallas cut three players today, LB Reggie Love, WR Jamaica Rector and DL Chris Van Hoy.

The Cowboys also tried for a second time to give Jose Cortez some competition, signing former Bears K Nick Novak. Cortez had a shaky game against Houston, missing a 32 yard field goal just before the half.

Trust your eyes On Saturday afternoon, Cowboys Blog posted this about the offensive line:

OL (9) Flozell Adams, Larry Allen, Al Johnson, Marco Rivera and Rob Petitti are set. So are Kurt Vollers and Andre Gurode. Only two of the Stephen Peterman, Ben Noll, Tyson Walter and Torrin Tucker group will survive. I think Peterman has an edge over the other three, with Walter and Tucker running neck and neck for the final spot. Were the cut made today Walter would emerge. The HC seems to like Noll but heâ€â"¢s regressed badly of late.

After the game, we noted this:

Ben Noll is back in the mix, outplaying Tyson Walter at right guard. The final o-line cut(s) will be harder than I anticipated.

Today, the DMN had this to say about the o-line:

Parcells is still trying to decide how many offensive linemen he needs to carry on the 53-man roster. Besides the five probable starters – left tackle Flozell Adams, left guard Larry Allen, center Al Johnson, right guard Marco Rivera and rookie right tackle Rob Petitti – tackle Kurt Vollers, center Andre Gurode and left guard Stephen Peterman appear to be on solid ground.

Parcells said he still had to make a decision on two spots, which leaves right tackle Torrin Tucker and guards Ben Noll and Tyson Walter fighting for the final spots. Rookie center Matt Tarullo is a practice squad candidate.

The article implies that Dallas will keep ten o-linemen, which is a high number. Unless Marco Rivera's injury is serious, I'll stick by my claim that nine o-linemen will make the final cut.

Still, did you have a sense of deja vu reading that? I can't promise we'll always stay three days ahead of the hometown paper, but we'll do our best. And we won't charge you a subscription fee for our "insights" either.

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