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Cowboys - Jaguars Open Thread

It's the last preseason game, folks, keep the play clean.

Halftime updates:

-- Welcome Marco Rivera! How about that kids? Number 62 shows up suddenly the Cowboys can run right. He's worth the wait.

-- Bledsoe ends two series with only one incompletion, a pass he intentially throws out of the end zone past a triple covered Jason Witten.

-- Anthony Thomas is running for his Cowboys' life. He's not worth squat on kickoffs, flailing badly as the blocker on two Jaguars kickoffs. But he's running awfully hard.

-- Rob Petitti let Marcellus Wiley cut past him on an inside move the Dallas' first third down situation, but he locked up old number 75 pretty well after that. Jacksonville is probably learning what we did the hard way, that Wiley's better days are past.

-- The o-line takes a major step forward -- we hope -- from recent years, blowing holes on third and ones. It's been a LOOONG time since we've seen the blockers do that.

-- Anthony Henry was money on the first drive, stopping Jimmy Smith on a fade and a third down slant. He did give up a long pass on the Jags' TD drive but it's clear that completing passes over him won't be easy.

-- The wraps were taken off the Bledsoe-Terry Glenn show tonight. What was clear in camp is finally being revealed in games: they're in sync.

-- The kicking derby may continue into the season, but Jose Cortez won't be unseated by Nick Novak. His leg is weaker and he's not more accurate.

-- Julius Jones has some intense speed through the hole.

-- Marcus Spears can hold his own against a double team. He has been a rock every time Jacksonville has run his way.

-- Dallas Achilles heel right now is kickoff coverage. Jacksonville had long returns both times tonight. One of them was negated by a penalty, but there is much work to be done here.

More to come....

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