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The Cowboys have made a contract offer to Peerless Price and have seen it rejected, according to the DMN.

Price and his agent Tim McGee have traveled down I-35 to San Antonio, where the Saints will court the former Falcon and Bill.

Price is looking for a long-term deal. McGee did not specify what such a deal would look like, but it's clear Dallas did not offer one today.

The rejection does not mean that Price and the Cowboys are done. Price may want, say, a four year contract, but may not get any of the Patriots, Dolphins, Cowboys or Saints to give him one. Price is 28, which is not old, but has an eye condition that needs research. It also seems that none of the four teams has even offered him a starting job. The Patriots play lots of multiple WR formations but have David Givens and Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch topping their rotation.

The Miami papers were claiming today that the Dolphins wanted Price as insurance against the loss of veterans David Boston and Marty Booker, who have both suffered serious injuries in recent years. The Cowboys are in a similar position, hoping Price could provide depth if either Keyshawn Johnson or Terry Glenn broke.

Price's best option may be the Saints. Joe Horn is established, but youngster Dante Stallworth has not lived up to his high draft status. Price could push his fellow Tennessee Volunteer for a starting job.

That said, it is not certain that the Saints have the will or the cap room to offer Price a lengthy deal. Right now, Peerless Price's market appears to favor the buyers.

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